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By accessing, registering or logging in to the website or online application of the company TERMO SHOP d.o.o., Rimska cesta 176, 3311 Šempeter v Savinjski dolini (hereinafter referred to as: TERMO SHOP, d.o.o.), the user or visitor confirms that he/she has carefully read the terms and conditions of use set out below, agrees to them and accepts them in full.

The Terms and Conditions shall also apply in full and in the same manner to users who access the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website as unregistered visitors.

By accessing the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website, you agree to all the restrictions and conditions set out herein and that the user or website visitor has previously been clearly and comprehensively informed of the terms and conditions of use, as well as of the data and cookie controller and, furthermore, of the purpose of the data processing, and that he/she agrees to this policy.

These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions for the use of the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. websites, web applications and other online content, and explain how TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. uses personal data and cookies.

The owner and administrator of the websites and web applications (hereinafter collectively referred to as: websites) is TERMO SHOP, d.o.o.

The Terms and Conditions of use of the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website are hereinafter referred to as Terms and Conditions. The websites, online activities and other online or digital services or applications of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. are hereinafter referred to as Websites or Online services or simply as Services. Users or visitors are hereinafter generally referred to as: user.

By visiting the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website, and participating in its online activities and similar activities, the user fully agrees to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. advises you not to use the website or participate in the online activities or services of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. and recommends that you do not use the website and leave it.

In an effort to protect its services and its users, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. reserves the right to block or otherwise prevent the delivery of any e-mail or other communication from or to the website or to prevent users from infringing the rights of others (for example, copyright).

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may use technology and other means to prevent or terminate your use of the Service.

The information on the websites and online applications is for information purposes only and shall have no legal effect and shall not give rise to any obligations or rights of any kind, nor may it be used in any proceedings to enforce or prove any rights or claims.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. strives to ensure the accuracy and up-to-datedness of the information published on its websites or online applications.

Use of the websites and online applications is at your own risk. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. shall not be liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with the existence, access, use and/or inability to use the websites and online applications and/or information, nor for any errors or omissions in their content. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. shall not be held liable for the smooth operation of websites or web applications.

Furthermore, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. is not responsible for the form and content of the data obtained via links that are not the property of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o., nor is TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. responsible for the respect of privacy on those links. Websites or portals and applications may also contain links to other websites.

When clicking on such a link to any other TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. or a third-party website, the user should be aware that these websites have their own terms and conditions and data privacy policies.

Before using these sites, users should check their terms and conditions and their privacy policy. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. accepts no responsibility for third-party websites.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. reserves the right to change the content of the websites and online applications at any time, in any way and without any reason or without giving any reason without prior notice. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. assumes no responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

Privacy policy (data protection declaration)

In order to use certain parts of the website or participate in certain activities or use the online applications of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o., you must log in with a username and password. By logging in, you agree to the use of the personal data you provided when obtaining your username and when using the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website in the manner and for the purposes described in these Terms and Conditions.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will carefully protect your personal data obtained through its websites and will not disclose them to third parties. The personal data provided by the user when obtaining a username and when using the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. websites will be processed and used for the purpose of providing the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. services, for the purpose of providing direct information to the user about new TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. services, and for the purpose of verifying whether the user is using the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. websites or is participating in the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. online activities, in accordance with the present terms and conditions of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o.

Personal data will be collected, processed and stored in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-2) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At the request of law enforcement authorities, in the event of any abuse or violation, users’ personal data, email and IP addresses may be provided to the police and other competent authorities for further action.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. only collects information from visitors to its websites and online applications that it receives voluntarily and does not request information from users as a condition of visiting its websites. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. collects personal data only when it is necessary to do so in order to participate in a particular activity, and both participation in that activity and the provision of personal data are strictly voluntary.

In order to successfully administer and provide the services, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may collect certain information about users or their use of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o.’s websites and services without identifying the user. This information does not identify the user and is only used by TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. for the purpose of preparing effective services on the website or web application.

For example, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may receive the usual information that a browser sends to each website visited, such as the IP address, browser type and language, access time and website addresses.

In addition, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may use the website analysis tool to obtain information from the user’s browser about which website the user came from, which search engine(s) and keywords the user used to find TERMO SHOP, d.o.o., which pages were viewed on the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website, and which add-ons, widths, and heights are used by the user’s browser accessing the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. uses this information and maintains its privacy as described in these Terms.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. does not sell, transfer or disclose to anyone outside TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. without the consent or permission of the users the data obtained by TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. on its web pages, unless otherwise required by law.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may also process the personal data of persons with whom it has a contractual relationship, which it needs for the performance of its contractual obligations or the exercise of its rights under the contractual relationship, or if it has the written consent of the data subject for the processing of personal data.

Processing means the collection, storage or aggregation of data in personal data files, modification, use or communication, including transfer, retrieval, blocking and erasure. User’s personal data is stored and used only for as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will use personal data for the purpose of marketing its services and informing the user about the latest news of its offer via electronic means of communication only in the following cases: if the user has given his/her consent or permission; if the user has purchased a product or service from TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. and has entrusted TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. with his/her e-mail address, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may use the e-mail address of the user for the purpose of marketing its products or services provided that it offers the user a clear and express possibility to refuse such use of his/her e-mail address free of charge and easily at the time when this contact information is obtained and at the time of each communication, provided that the user has not already refused such use at the outset.

On the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website it is possible to report abuses or to make comments and ask questions. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. uses the user’s e-mail address to respond to questions or comments or to inform him/her of the findings of his/her complaint. You can also enter your first and last name, but these are optional.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will contact users if they provide their contact details and in the event of reports of abuse, questions or comments.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will not pass on to third parties the personal data of users obtained by visiting the website or subscribing to the newsletter. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will also not disclose to others the user’s data obtained on the basis of the user’s application or registration on the website, report of abuse, user’s questions or comments, unless otherwise provided by law.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will, at the user’s request, provide the user with access to, copying or reproduction of, and a printout of, personal data relating to him or her, and will provide him or her with a list of the persons to whom the personal data may have been disclosed, when, on what basis, and for what purpose. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will also provide the user, upon his/her request, with other information relating to his/her personal data that it collects, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The insurance of personal data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the personal data of website users. The collected data will be used by TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. exclusively for the purposes for which they are provided by the website users and within the framework of the legal provisions. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will not use personal data and contact information for other purposes and will not disclose them to third parties without the express permission of the website user. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will do its utmost to protect personal data against any breaches and misuse.

Cookie Policy

In order to optimise websites or applications (hereinafter collectively referred to as: Websites) in terms of system efficiency, usability and the provision of useful information about the services of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o., TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. automatically collects and stores information in log files on the user’s computer. These include the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and language setting, operating system, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and date/time of visit.

This information is used by TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. to effectively administer the website, to learn more about user behaviour across the entire website, to analyse trends, and to gather demographic information about users in a comprehensive manner. The data collected can be used for marketing and advertising services and for communication (for example, to optimise and improve the user experience, providing more attractive offers and services).

Where non-personal data are used together with personal data, such data shall be treated as personal data for as long as they are combined.

The data collected by means of cookies and other comparable techniques are also subject to the data protection declaration set out in these Terms and Conditions.

What is a “cookie”?

Websites, emails, online services, advertising and interactive applications may use so-called cookies to optimise services.
A cookie is a small file, usually containing a sequence of letters and numbers, which is loaded on the user’s terminal equipment (computer, mobile device, etc.; generally referred to in these Terms and Conditions as: Computer) when the user visits the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website (from its web server, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. sends a cookie to the browser’s cookie file on the hard drive of the user’s computer). For example, it allows the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website to identify the user’s appliance when a connection is established between the web server and the web browser. The main purpose of the cookie is to enable the web server to present the user with personalised web pages that make the experience of visiting the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website more personal and more responsive to the user’s individual needs. Cookies are also used to help TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. learn more about how users use its websites, and to help improve the user’s experience when they visit the websites.

What cookies are used by TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. websites?

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may use the following types of cookies on its websites:
temporary or session cookies: these are temporary cookies that are stored in the cookie file of the user’s browser until the end of the user’s visit to the browser (for the duration of the browsing session and are deleted as the session expires). These cookies are mandatory for the correct functioning of certain applications or functionalities on the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. websites;

persistent cookies: persistent cookies may be used by TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. to improve the user experience (e.g. to store information about registration, site language settings, etc.). These cookies remain in the user’s browser cookie file for a longer period of time until they are deleted. This time period depends on the choice made by the user in the settings of their internet browser. Persistent cookies allow information to be transferred to a web server each time someone visits a website. Persistent cookies are also known as tracking cookies;

own cookies (1st party cookies) are from the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website that the user is viewing and can be permanent or temporary. Websites use these cookies to store information that will be used again the next time the user visits the site;

other cookies (3rd party cookies) come from other, partner websites (which measure traffic, for example). Third parties may collect user data from different websites in this way and use it for a variety of purposes, from advertising and analytics to improving their products.

More information about cookies can be found online, for example at:

Where the use or installation of cookies requires the user’s consent, TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. shall obtain the user’s consent prior to their use or prior to their placement on the user’s device (computer). Where the website has a more defined relationship with the user (user account, registration, profile), obtaining consent is integrated into the user registration processes.

Third-party cookies

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may use third parties as advertisers for the purpose of advertisements and to optimise marketing communications. Third parties, such as advertisers, use cookies to measure the effectiveness of advertisements and personalise advertising content. Information collected by third-party advertisers may include information such as geo-location data (as derived from an IP address) or contact details such as email addresses, if collected via the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website.

Tracking and analysis

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. uses Google Analytics analytics software from Google Inc. to continuously optimise its marketing communications on its websites, which uses cookies for the purpose of analysing traffic (counting visitors, identifying browsers and keywords that lead to the site, problems with navigation). The website or TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. informs the user about them and obtains their consent before using them or before downloading them on the user’s device (computer).

This allows us to track online behaviour; at the collection stage, cookies store information about how users use the website, including the number of pages viewed, where the user is from (geographical location), the time of the visit and the number of visits, in order to improve the website and provide a good user experience. This data is collected via tracking cookies. The data obtained through cookies is anonymous and is not linked to personal data. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. does not share this data with any third parties for their independent use. If the user does not accept cookies, no information is stored.

Cookies from the most common external websites/services (third-party cookies)

Cookie namePurposeCookie timeCompany
_utmaStatistics of page views2 yearsGoogle Analytics
_utmbStatistics of page views30 minutesGoogle Analytics
_utmcStatistics of page viewsWhen you close your browserGoogle Analytics
_utmzStatistics of page views6 monthsGoogle Analytics
PREFUser settings18 monthsGoogle
datrFacebook plug-in2 yearsFacebook
twitter_sessTwitter plug-inSession cookieTwitter
original_referrerTwitter plug-inSession cookieTwitter
guest_idTwitter plug-in2 yearsTwitter
kTwitter plug-in1 weekTwitter
pidTwitter plug-in2 yearsTwitter
cc_cookie_acceptA cookie records your preference to allow cookies to be recorded1 yearElement Lab d.o.o.
cc_cookie_declineA cookie records your preference not to have cookies recorded1 yearElement Lab d.o.o.
ASPSESSIONIDSession cookie required for site operation Until the browser is closed Element Lab d.o.o.
mypanelSession cookie required for site operation Until the browser is closed Element Lab d.o.o.

According to the law, technical storage of, or access to, data is permitted solely for the purpose of transmitting a message over an electronic communications network, or where this is strictly necessary for the provision of a service of an information undertaking explicitly requested by the user. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. uses the following cookies for these purposes, namely its own session cookies, and for the following purpose:
User authentication cookies, which are necessary for the website to remember the user after the user has logged in to the service (when the user logs in with their username and password). A cookie is required for a user to gain access to restricted content. Otherwise, the user would have to sign in on each sub-page of the website. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. uses a session cookie, which is deleted when the user logs out;
cookies to count the number of visitors to the site; cookies last only as long as necessary to achieve their purpose, or at most for the duration of the browsing session, and are deleted as the session expires;
If you use the feature: Remember me at TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. also uses cookies for user authentication, which are necessary for the website to remember the user after he/she has logged in to the service (when the user logs in with his/her username and password), even after the user has left the website (feature: Remember me). The cookie is necessary for the user to gain access to the website without having to log in when visiting the website again. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. uses a persistent cookie that remains in the user’s browser cookie file for a period of 14 days from the date of installation. The use of a cookie requires the user’s prior consent. If the cookie is disabled, the Remember Me function does not work and (re)logging in is not automatic, but the web portal or web application still works without any limitations in functionality.

Enabling and disabling cookies and similar technologies

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. allows the user to accept or reject all cookies on all websites visited, bearing in mind that most browsers automatically accept cookies; or to block their use by changing the settings in their internet browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer version 8.0, you need to do the following: 1. select Tools, then Internet Options 2. click on the Privacy tab 3. use the slider to select the desired setting. For other internet browsers, if you wish to change your browser settings or delete cookies, you should follow the instructions of your browser.

If cookies are disabled, some features and the full functionality of the websites may no longer be available or may not function properly.

The use of the portal or applications is made via the software and the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. websites. All content on the portal or applications is the property of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. and is subject to copyright or intellectual property protection. In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, additional terms and conditions, as well as any other written explanations, notes, etc. on the portal itself or in the applications themselves, shall govern the use of the online portal or the online applications. In the event of a difference between the provisions of the Additional Terms relating to the Portal or to each individual application and the General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Additional Terms shall prevail. The Terms and Conditions are binding and must be read and accepted by the user at the time of registration. Whenever the Terms and Conditions are amended, the user must be informed of the change and must confirm the current Terms and Conditions. When using the portal or the applications, the user must be kept up to date with the notifications relating to the use of the portal or the applications. The Terms and Conditions may only be accepted and used by a person of full legal capacity who has reached the age of majority.

Security and third parties

TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. has established technology and rules to protect the privacy of users from unauthorized access and inappropriate use. TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. will update the measures in line with technological developments.


TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. is the owner of all material and moral copyrights over the copyright content in the broadest sense (content, text, graphic elements, photographs, illustrations or other representations of the text, video, music and so on) published on the websites or in the web applications.
Content published by TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. may be viewed. The content may not be reproduced, modified, copied, republished or redistributed for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the express prior written permission of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o.

In the event of any authorised use of the content published by TERMO SHOP, d.o.o., all copyright and industrial property rights notices and other notices and warnings must be retained. The trademarks appearing on the website are registered trademarks of which TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. or a third party is the owner or licensee. Any use of these marks is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of the right holder. All marks, including those not registered as trademarks, are protected under copyright law.

It is permitted to link to the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website when quoting the content of the service. Links may not be posted on sites with illegal or immoral content. At the request of TERMO SHOP, d.o.o., the owner and/or operator of the website on which the link is published is obliged to remove it.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions have been prepared on the basis of the legislation in force at the time, taking into account the recommendations of the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia, using materials and other information available through the Information Commissioner’s web portal (Public Information of Slovenia, Information Commissioner).

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The user may at any time request that TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. update, correct or delete his/her personal data (if the data concerned is still in its databases) or cease to use it in the future. If the user wishes to exercise this right, he/she should contact TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. at its registered office or by e-mail at
Users may contact TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. regarding these Terms and Conditions, the Personal Data Protection Policy or regarding their experience of using the TERMO SHOP, d.o.o. website by e-mail to

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